Due to technical difficulties, mailing lists were non functional since, roughly, last summer. They are now back online but we had to start afresh. Please register (again) to read from us and discuss about your difficulties. See the dedicated page for details.


Mailing lists are used to get in touch with other people interested in the project. This is the place to ask for questions about the platform, the project or this website. This is also the place for discussing and contributing bugfixes or new features for the platform.

What is a mailing list?

"An electronic mailing list is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. It [...] typically refers to four things: a list of email addresses, the people (subscribers) receiving mail at those addresses, the publications (email messages) sent to those addresses, and [...] a single email address that, when designated as the recipient of a message, will send a copy of that message to all of the subscribers."

Available mailing lists

There is currently one mailing list dedicated to the Net4sat platform. In order to subscribe to the mailing list, please follow these steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to subscribe
  2. Confirm your inscription with the link given in the answer
  3. You can now send and receive on the Net4sat mailing list

Code of conduct

On the mailing lists, please follow the rules defined by the rules defined by the Netiquette:

  • be polite,
  • no advertising/spam,
  • avoid off-topic posts,
  • use small email signatures,
  • avoid cross-posting,