Get started

Source code of the projects are publicly accessible on GitHub without any registration procedure.

The following sections will guide you through account creation to get write access, if applicable.

Account creation

Before logging on to the forge, a CNES account is needed. Account creation can be requested by sending an email to support with the following informations :

  • Name
  • Contact email
  • Prefered login
  • Supporting Organization (if applicable)

You should receive an email on your contact email with login credentials. As this procedure is manual, it might take a few days, we apologize in advance in case of (network) delay.

Account management

Access to acccount management is provided through ldap interface. Password can be changed by clicking "I forgot my password" and indicating the account email address and login, as well as your first and last name.

Access to net4sat gitlab forge

Access to the forge is:

By default, all projects hosted on the forge are private, so you will need to request access to each repository you wish to have write access for. To do so, please contact support, indicating the name of the project and your login. You can also create your own new project, on which you will be able to manage access rights (projects are private by default).

A Gitlab basics tutorial is provided: Gitlab basics .

Be aware that using git with SSH requires uploading a SSH key, as indicated in: Gitlab SSH key upload . Also note that accessing the forge from outside of the CNES network is subject to some specificities.

Net4sat support

Any question or support issue should be send to support.