The Net4sat forge

Welcome on Net4sat Development Community.

Net4sat is a software development platform owned by CNES which provides means for network research on satellite communications. This web site is the portal of the different components of the forge.

Net4sat Overview

Net4sat provides an easy and flexible way to develop new projects on integration of satellite telecommunications into terrestrial networks.

Go and see the open source projects of Net4sat.

Net4sat Organization

The forge contains mainly:

  • A GitHub account to host publicly accessible projects:
  • A Gitlab forge for git development project:
  • A wiki for documentation: inside each project via READMEs or dedicated wiki section

Net4sat Goal

The major key drivers for this platform are the following:

  • Simply operable
  • Simplicity in design – allowing fast development
  • Flexibility – allowing to simply adapt to specific needs
  • Upgradeability – allowing to simply add specific functionalities
  • Public and Neutral

Net4sat Contributors

Main Net4sat contributors and users are:

  • CNES
  • Thales Alenia Space
  • Airbus Defense and Space
  • Viveris Technologies
  • Silicom
  • Objectif Libre
  • TeSA

Some projects hosted on Net4sat

  • OpenSAND, an easy and flexible way to emulate an end-to-end satellite communication system
  • OpenBACH, an open source benchmark platform for performing network, transport, services tests and collect tests data
  • SNS3, a satellite network extension to Network Simulator 3 (ns-3) platform

Other projects include a TCP proxy (PEPSal) and a software that intermittently releases the packet on the interface, like a dam (DamBOX).